Time To Chill


It's Dinner Time

Do you know this feeling, the lack of dinner ideas although thousands of recipes are only clicks away?

It’s time for a new easy way to enjoy your dinner!


Make Every Dinner a "Taco Tuesday"

Jump Start with a 'Meatball Monday'

Do you enjoy 'Taco Tuesday'? Why not dedicate every day of the week to one of your favorite meals. We will get you started. First up: Meatball Monday!

Quality Time
Why does everybody love Thanksgiving dinner so much? Maybe there is nothing better than having family and friends together around the same table and share the same food. It's a time to connect with the ones that you care about. It's a time to keep in touch, get close, and share memories. We believe that's the best time in life - quality time with your loved ones. Unlike Thanksgiving, we often struggle with the simple question "What's for dinner?".
Eat What You Love
Imagine a pool of your favorite recipes that fit your pantry at all times and with easy instructions that can be memorized with little effort. We did the preparation for you and selected recipes that brings the fun back to your daily dinner nights! Each of our SpiceBreeze Culinary Menu Boxes is dedicated to one basic recipe and includes variations from around the world with different flavor profiles. You can select the variations that fit your taste preferences and as many servings as you like.
Your First Easy Dinner
Our series of SpiceBreeze Culinary Menu Boxes starts with a basic recipe for meatballs and four meatball recipes from Japan to Morocco. The selection will vary from time to time. You can switch the content of your box at any time. New SpiceBreeze Culinary Menu Boxes for stews and pies are coming up next. Join our newsletter to be the first to know.